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May 23, 2014
Congratulations, Stalky!

Fri May 23, 2014

Editor: Permit me space in your paper to publicly congratulate barrister-at-law and notary public, Mr Stanley John for taking silk or becoming a Q.C.{{more}}

His well-deserved achievement and recognition were as a result of many years of experience, his commitment to the legal fraternity and, above all, his unwavering services to his clients from diverse social and economic strata of the Vincentian community. Mr John has now joined his East St George colleague, another eminent legal luminary, Carlisle Dougan, Q. C.

A former parliamentarian of immense stature, John is not only highly esteemed in legal and social circles as an attorney at law, but is equally regarded as a resourceful individual who still has a political contribution to make to this nation.

Political commentators and observers still remember Stanley “Stalky” John for his eloquent deliveries during his parliamentary tenure and also his straightforwardness; many admired the ease with which he scored points over his political opponents.

Stalky John being elevated to the prestigious status of Queen’s Counsel has added lustre to the legal fraternity.

Mr John, please continue to serve the public with distinction.

Patmos Richards