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March 7, 2014

The Lost Leader

Fri Mar 07, 2013

By Lord Longwall

Why are we playing to be a dummy?

Still denying your secretary her money?

It’s not coming from your pocket

So there’s no excuse to withhold it.{{more}}

The Treasury sends you an allowance

So why didn’t you give the lady her pittance?
If you can’t run an office of three?
What kind of leader will you be?

Play stubborn in your crocodile skin

The workers all will do you in.

For 12 years she gave you devotion

Now you are lacking all emotion.

Numbers without charm can never win

When you treat your people like dustbin.

Boasting about your kind and gentle

Yet for Rishatta you just won’t settle

Your stubborn style is all that matters

So you leave NDP in tatters

Somehow you feel you will hold your seat

But with you as leader we face defeat

Time to move on and ease your stress

Let the eager come forth to deal with the rest.