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March 4, 2014
Young woman ‘whipped like a donkey’ in city

Tue Mar 4, 2013

EDITOR: On Saturday night very late – 1 a.m. (it was already Sunday morning in fact) a woman was being treated like a hated donkey and being whipped and beaten by her “master” along the road outside the Anglican Church car park. The poor woman was crying… sobbing… bawling…{{more}}

One could hear the whip or whatever was used… perhaps a belt, being lashed at intervals of two seconds and the foul language that accompanied this horrendous event was just shocking! In the middle of the night, disturbing the peace…even the dogs began their barking!

It appears the woman was on the ground and being kicked and whipped. She would be pulled up or try to get up and more blows were rained on her as she was dragged and kicked!!! A nearby watchman tried to stop this male brute from inflicting any more lashes by verbally accosting the punisher, but to no avail… and an argument ensued. 999 was called several times… but guess what? No answer!! There was a deep concern that the woman would DIE from her blows!

How many of our women find themselves in this abominable situation? Slave and Master! As we approach INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY on Saturday, March 8, women of SVG must stand up for better treatment. This woman, I dare say, needs serious medical attention. The memory of this violent onslaught will long remain with me.

Deeply shocked