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February 25, 2014

Role of parties in opposition – oppose, expose, propose, depose

Fri Feb 25, 2013

Editor: As we are counting down towards general elections in SVG, we know that party politics is very hot here in SVG. We also have in this country some three opposition parties who will be trying to win the upcoming elections. Let us, therefore, examine the roles of opposition parties briefly. It is left therefore to us as Vincentians to determine if any of the opposition parties are fulfilling their role.{{more}}

One of the roles of opposition parties is to OPPOSE. This, we know, most of them are doing very well. In opposing, you are trying to be against anything the government proposes and does. There is no shortage of that in most of the opposition parties here.

Another role is to EXPOSE. This means that a party has to provide evidence for things they opposed. They also, with the concrete evidence and facts, would be able to successfully expose corruption and anything wrong by the government of the day. Failure to provide evidence then would be talking for talking sake.

There is also another role and that is to PROPOSE. Far too often, we are seeing many opposing parties simply opposing and not proposing what they would do differently or what they intend to do. After all, they are hoping to take the reins of government; thus it is important that while they oppose and even expose, that they propose what they would do and how they would do it differently. They should also propose what plans they have to make things better and not to do the same things as the party they are trying to depose.

Finally, every opposition party’s role is also to DEPOSE. But a party cannot depose the ruling party if they fail to oppose, expose and propose. In deposing it is to get rid of the ruling party in the legal way and that is by the ballots on Election Day. But in deposing, the people must have confidence that the party means business. But if they cannot expose and propose, then they are not fulfilling their role just by opposing. As a result, they would have difficulties in DEPOSING any ruling party.

More can be said and expanded upon, but let us take on board these few points and let us examine the parties in opposition and see which, or if any, are performing their role effectively and so deserve a chance at governing this country. Time will tell.

Kennard King