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February 25, 2014
Karib Cable seems to be going from bad to worse

Fri Feb 25, 2013

EDITOR: I am not convinced that most Vincentians appreciate the increasing foreign language content of Karib Cable’s programming. I think it’s a reflection of “take it or leave it” attitude by Karib Cable.{{more}}

Why is it that in an English-speaking country we have to be “fighting up” with these Spanish channels that keep increasing every month? Now channels 26, 52 and 55 are offering more Spanish content than anything else. This is not a reflection of the environment in which Karib Cable operates. It is more convenient for us to get Rosetta Stone than have Karib Cable imposing a foreign language on Vincentians.

Who exactly does Karib Cable cater for? The diversity of our island and the number of hotels/resorts with foreign guests are important considerations.

We can no longer enjoy watching CNN news channel anymore. Watching CNN for an hour, we become experts at reciting the weather for all the major cities and performance/rates for markets and currencies worldwide. Is this what we are getting for Cable TV? I am not rejecting knowledge about the weather, markets and currency performance. The manner in which we have to endure it when CNN has a break is unbearable.

We are getting ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox Miami, that’s four Miami local news channels and one New York news channel. How balanced could this be?

It takes almost forever to get Customer Service on the phone; this is bad for Karib Cable which always advocates the use of the phone to solve problems and get things done.

Karib Cable’s channel structure needs to reflect a more value for money approach. The way the channels are packaged reflects something haphazardly prepared, simply to make money. When we look at St Lucia’s channel line-up, we see the difference.