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February 25, 2014
Ghetto life in SVG

Fri Feb 25, 2013

Editor: Life in the ghetto has various challenges. Here in SVG, like any other country, ghetto life is present amongst us. Should we do research it would be surprising to some and to others no surprise at all, what goes on in there.{{more}}

In the ghetto there is selling and usage of illegal drugs. There is also prostitution and illegal activities of various kinds. These naturally give rise to crimes and violence.

There are also high levels of unemployment and wasting of precious time. Many times the ghetto is filled with poor persons who sometimes are taken advantage of. It is believed that many gangs are formed as a result of the ghetto lifestyle.

However, there are many persons who were brought up in the ghetto, who have made good strides in life.

So, while there are negatives about the ghetto lifestyle, we have to appreciate the fact that there are persons living in the ghetto who are intelligent and can become outstanding citizens in this country of ours. We can even have doctors, nurses, and politicians and wouldn’t it be nice to have someone from the ghetto being a prime minister?

I would strongly recommend that some emphasis be placed on the ghetto. I recommend that some more businesses and other developments be placed in the ghetto. By doing so, it is actually aiding in reducing the stigma attached to the ghetto and over a period of time, the ghetto lifestyle would be seen as not something to be cherished, since persons would be educated, and they would be taken out poverty and it will more or less reduce the many illegal activities that are carried on there and lift the self-esteem of individuals.

In time, the many crimes and violence of different kind would be minimized and the ghetto would be less and less in existence. As we seek to lift this nation’s standard of living, let us remember the ghetto.

I pray things would change for those living in the ghetto. Anything is possible. Let us help the folks in the ghetto.

Kennard King