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February 25, 2014

Dr Gonsalves – the best Prime Minister

Fri Feb 25, 2013

by R. Theodore L. V. Browne,


There is no doubt in my mind that Dr the Honourable Ralph E. Gonsalves is the best Prime Minister in the world, and not merely in the Caribbean region, after the memorable delivery of his 2014 budget speech. Dr Gonsalves is clearly in a league of his own when it comes to leadership. I have been around for a while so this is no fly by night judgement, though I confess that in the realm of law, I never sat in the seat of a High Court judge. I preferred and still prefer the floor of the courtroom from where I could deliver my arguments, and my record as an attorney is perhaps without equal. I also operate in the court of public opinion.{{more}}

When I reflect on Proverbs 29:18, I am comforted in the sure and certain knowledge that St. Vincent and the Grenadines will not perish since this nation is blessed with a visionary and God-fearing Prime Minister who was able to put together a budgetary package that is just right for these challenging times during which we are beset by an economic crisis and unpredictable and “unforecastable” natural disasters. The recent deluge left millions of dollars in damages in its wake; it even left damage which is irreparable – like the tragic loss of life.

The Government’s Sensible Economic Prescriptions

The Prime Minister’s compellingly persuasive narrative almost knocked an experienced language veteran, with considerable knowledge of human affairs like me, off my feet. He gave the nation hope through economic policies and prescriptions that are quite effective even though they do not have the awful taste of the Buckley’s Cough Syrup. This stands in contrast to the bitter austerity medicine that the IMF and other condescending international institutions sometimes try to force down our throats with devastating effects. Dr. Gonsalves is somehow able to find swift and appropriate solutions to problems almost before they arise – his powers of anticipation and resolution are simply incredible.

The Prime Minister’s obvious concern with the welfare of all Vincentians, irrespective of their political party affiliation or loyalties, or racial orientation is praiseworthy. This deeply rooted impartiality and the government’s promotion of national cohesion is like a breath of fresh air amidst the cut and thrust of local competitive politics. Vincentians can rest assured that there would be an objective and fair distribution of relief supplies by their government, which the Opposition fears would have an adverse impact on their rapidly dwindling political fortunes. The comedians in the NDP must take a page from the PM’s book and put our country before their party; and then they might get somewhere. The Opposition has often opposed even what is in its best interest.

I was a little disturbed though by rumors that some “relief supplies” have fallen into the private hands of individuals who are selling them at apparently attractive prices for personal gain. It sickens me to think that someone would try to make a fortune from other people’s misfortunes. I hope this is not so, but if it is, action needs to be taken against the offending parties no matter what party they support, be it the ULP or the NDP. I urge the powers that be to investigate and expose any wrong doing. We simply cannot tolerate this, and no one, absolutely no one, must be allowed to sidestep NEMO or the Red Cross in the national recovery exercise.

Eustace – An Economics Dinosaur

Dr Ralph Gonsalves is light years ahead of Arnhim Eustace. Mr Eustace is an anachronistic dinosaur from the Old Stone Age in the world of modern Economics. In addition, he appears to be functionally illiterate when it comes to Mathematics. He was schooled by my rising star of a son, Luke, on the topic of compound interest and he could very well do with a crash course in fractions from my Grade 6 grandson Té.

As you could probably tell, in the debate on the Budget between Arnhim Eustace and PM Gonsalves it was like chalk to cheese. The poor excuse for an Opposition Leader only seems to be acquainted with two elementary concepts in Economics by virtue of his frequent and monotonous repetition of them – surplus and deficit. Mr Eustace didn’t have the stamina or the substance for a four hour long presentation, and is most likely going through a phase of “diminishing returns”- another Economics concept. Some listeners have concluded that the goodly gentleman “peaked” a few years ago and has since lost some capacity to add value to a budgetary debate. He is like a blinking bulb that is old and inefficient and which produces more heat than light. I wish my mentally tired and jaded compatriot would just go home and rest.

My only regret from the Budget debate is that I did not have the opportunity to receive a treat from the trio of new senators, which includes the Prime Minister’s son and my own son. That would have put the icing on the cake for me. Unfortunately, the Opposition proved once again that it cannot stand up to the rigours of Parliamentary life. I am quite frankly fed up of their pathetic behaviour in the House of Assembly. They conduct themselves in a manner that is not befitting a Member of the Honourable House and routinely desecrate the hollowed chamber with inexcusable and unbecoming antics. After all, the House of Assembly is not a circus. Mr. Eustace and his motley band always use the slightest excuse to storm out of Parliament against the public’s interest. How much longer would the poor and hardworking taxpayers of our nation put up with this sham? Every month these men and women receive money that they did not earn. Isn’t there any among them with conscience enough to return to the Treasury his or her salary which he or she collected but did not really earn? They should rid themselves of all unjust gains.

Rishatta for Leader of the Opposition

Arnhim Eustace should vacate the post of Leader of the Opposition, and my choice of replacement is Rishatta Nicholls. From all that I have heard from her, she is more savvy than the political novice whose name is Arnhim. I admire Rishatta’s strength of character and her determination. Why doesn’t Mr Eustace pay the poor lady? So, he has no concern whatsoever for the welfare of her struggling family despite her long period of service as his faithful secretary until her unfair dismissal? This is by definition cruel and inhumane treatment. Where is the otherwise vociferous Human Rights Association? Why haven’t they taken up Rishatta’s cause? Because the devout Christian lady can’t afford to pay them? Or is it because the Human Rights Association has degenerated into a cell of the NDP? Feel free to check out its history, structure and composition for the answers.

Arnhim Eustace is on an almost demonic firing rampage which targets intelligent young women from East Kingstown who have a history with the Streams of Power Church – first it was Anesia and now it is Rishatta. Who will be the next victim? Who is really behind all this? Is it a man or a woman? I want to get things straight. When will it end? Mr Eustace also unveiled a subtle, if not deliberate, attack on his faithful ally in Walvaroo – Miss Norma Smith. Mr. Eustace’s pronouncements from the safety of a foreign city had the potential to destroy Norma’s business because of an implicit breach in confidentiality.

Rishatta, take comfort in Deuteronomy 28:7 – “The Lord shall cause thine enemies who rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face; they shall come out against thee one way and flee before thee seven ways” and in Paul’s description of Elymas, the sorcerer, in Acts 13:10 “O full of deceit and all mischief, thou child of the devil, thou enemy of righteousness, wilt thou not cease to pervert the right way of the Lord.” Ms. Nicholls, the truth shall set you free! Be steadfast and all your foes will be vanquished. No technicality can alter a solid substratum of facts and you have done well so far against the pettifoggers of evil who may now be seeking an adjournment to escape the inevitable. Victory will be yours.


I am convinced that Dr. the Honourable Ralph E. Gonsalves, our Prime Minister, is the right man for these times. It bears stressing that the government is taking a series of commendable budgetary measures. This great nation would overcome every snare and the constraints of our small size because we have a world class Prime Minister who I simply know as Ralph. We will recover from the most recent disaster. I encourage all metaphorical soldiers to play their part and rally behind our commander-in-chief.