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February 11, 2014

When would this nation turn to God?

Fri Jan 17, 2013

Editor: “When would this nation turn to God?” This question may seem foolish and unnecessary. However, if we carefully observe what is going on in this country we would realize that we have turned away from following after God. We know that we are a religious nation, but not necessarily a righteous nation.{{more}}

Despite the Christmas Eve disaster and the recent accidents, we, as a people, have not turned to God. We continue to live our lives as though GOD does not exist. Many people continue their reckless and loose living. The churches continue to be empty and many continue to make excuses for not accepting the gospel, which is free.

The Little Tokyo continues to be a place where many ungodly things are done. The rum shops with the many ungodly songs continue to be an integral part of that town. The South River Road continues to attract persons who seem to not just lime out, but an area to be involved in drinking and selling alcohol.

We have turned away from God, as seen in the way ladies dress. Many of them seem to dress half naked; likewise, some of the men with their pants below their waist. It would seem that as a people we are mainly interested in money and sex at any cost.

God does not seem to exist in many homes, as evident by the lifestyle and the filthy words coming from those homes. God does not seem to exist in many persons’ individual life, as evident by the way we go about with the lack of respect even for the house of worship. For many would pass these places with music at a height.

Indeed, I think it is time we, as a nation, turn to God. It is time that we all repent of our sins and seek to live for Christ. After all, God has been speaking and He will continue to speak. But if we fail to take heed, then the judgment of God will fall on us. May we learn from all that has been happening not only here in SVG, but also elsewhere and realize that our time is short? Thus, we, as a people, need to give our lives to Christ and live for Him.

Kennard King