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February 7, 2014
Local Scouts Association celebrating 100 years in SVG

Editor: The local Scouts Association in St Vincent and the Grenadines has announced activities to celebrate one hundred years of scouting in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

They will be hosting a number of activities to commemorate this anniversary on April 17, 2014.

Many scouts in America are celebrating Sunday, February 9, as Scouts Day.

As boy scouts of America celebrate this special day and we think of scouting in St Vincent and the Grenadines we thank all cub scouts, boy scouts and their leaders for their dedication. In the Calliaqua area, in particular, we remember the efforts of Alban “Uncle” Radix. In Kingstown there was the Sprott family and throughout the different areas of the country there are many other past and present scout leaders to thank as we reflect on their outstanding contribution to this service organization and to the world.

Dr Ardon “Muckle” Arthur reminisces about the Calliaqua Scout Troop in which he participated 60 years ago.

He says: “You have taken me way back into a great part of my life. A period where leadership skills were taught by one of the most unique human beings who ever crossed my path. I speak of everyone’s dear “uncle” Alban Radix. He was a man of few words. Who could ever forget his imperative words, ‘I SAY BOY’. The appropriate response to this imperative was determined by his tone of voice or his smile or chuckle.

Those famous three words always produced positive results.

With that preamble, let me recall that the Calliaqua Scout Troop was formed in 1954. In 1955 there was an excursion to St Lucia. In July of 1956 we walked around the island. It took us 8 days. Participants were Dr Bertram ‘Chic’ Stephens, Carlos ‘Beau’ Arthur, Dr Ardon ‘Muckle’ Arthur, Dr George ‘GV’ Thomas, Clarence ‘Bishop’ Lucas and a few others whose names escape my memory. There were several trips to Bequia and other Grenadine isles. There was one trip to Barbados.

Beau became the assistant scout leader, Chic was patrol leader and I was assistant patrol leader.

Most importantly, as evidenced from Dr Arthur’s recollections, leadership skills were developed and exposure to travel to other places encouraged as a means of broadening one’s horizons.

Many scouts speak of the discipline, character-building and other positive scouting experiences that steered and guided them into leading successful lives.

The Boy Scouts continue to serve a very useful purpose, serving boys and men in good stead for the future and for life.


Cheryl Phills King.