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January 31, 2014
Let’s get lionfish on the menu!

Fri Jan 31, 2014

The recent marine surveys conducted in the South Coast Marine Conservation Area as a part of the area’s upgrade to a Marine Park has revealed alarming numbers of lionfish within the waters of Saint Vincent.{{more}}

If Vincentians don’t take a stand against lionfish soon this invasive species will decimate all other fish species in the region, leaving Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with no marine biodiversity and no fish to eat.

Contrary to what you may have been told, lionfish is not poisonous and is safe to eat. In fact this fish is considered a delicacy in Japan and is highly sought after. Some dive shops in Saint Vincent are leading the way in attempting to tackle this problem and have developed effective ways of catching and filleting these fish safely.

So what can Vincentians do to stop the lionfish invasion?

o Start a fishing business that specialises in harvesting lionfish

o Lionfish fillets sell for around six dollars per pound

o Some hotels are looking for a steady supply of lionfish

o Contact the SVG Hotel Association 458-4379 for more information

o Ask your local fishermen to start spearing and filleting lionfish

o SVG dive shops can provide advice on how best to handle lionfish safely

o Ask your local restaurant to put lionfish on their menu

o Lionfish is delicious and best of all eating it improves biodiversity conservation in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

So let’s get lionfish on the menu and help save Saint Vincent’s marine environment!

James Walsh

Marine Conservation Programme Officer

National Parks Rivers and Beach Authority