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January 24, 2014
Diary of an Ingrate [Chapter 3]

Fri Jan 24, 2013

By Frank E da Silva

We concluded Chapter 2 with a little known war that erupted over a humiliating [the first of many Michael Findlay moments] demand by Arnhim Ulrick Eustace to reduce the pay of the man who selected him as his replacement, Sir James Mitchell. The demand was against the rules of employment of public servants, did Mr Eustace not know the rules? As Sir James stated in his book, Beyond the Islands,” if the selection process were left to the general party membership, the unquestioned successor would have been Jerry Scott. Party supporters went to Victoria Park expecting to have their wish come true. When the successor was announced, many cried in disappointment.{{more}}

Adina Wyllie published her disapproval here. Said she, “We went to Victoria Park knowing who we wanted. We had sense; we did not need anyone to choose for us. Nobody knows anything about Eustace. [Her full text will appear in a subsequent chapter]. Little did she know that the first casualty of the unforgiving Arnhim Ulrick Eustace would be her own representative Alpian R O Allen of North Leeward. Allen had two strikes against him – he voted for Jerry Scott and against the humiliating pay cut. In the 1998 election, Allen won his seat with the largest majority on big island [St Vincent] but in 2001, he had to go. Using the fact that Allen had refused to disperse relief material to mere party supporters as a pretext, some residents of North Leeward were urged to sign a petition for his removal. “They sent a little boy to replace him [Allen],” stated Adina Wyllie. She switched to the ULP bandwagon and voted for them in 2001.

Adina died in 2003. Between those years one of her sons – on radio – was a perpetual thorn in the side of Ralph Gonsalves – even addressing an NDP meeting at Spring Village the Saturday night after she died. Alpian Allen delivered the eulogy. Ralph was in the front row. James Mitchell sent a card.

Entry 2001: Thank you rally scheduled for Unity Square to thank supporters after the party’s defeat. Sir James will not speak. PR Campbell, Chairman insisted.

Author’s note: When Sir James mounted the platform, half of those on the platform dismounted. PR’s days were numbered. A scurrilous campaign began.

Entry 2002 Convention: Jerry Scott encouraged to challenge PR.

Author’s note: PR sensing defeat does not show up for the election process. Thereafter to justify the backstabbing, the campaign to vilify PR intensifies. Even I, in my ignorance, bought into the campaign – I was merciless. I made a not complimentary description of Mr Campbell by [my partner] Ralph Gonsalves number one on the charts. [In 2006, having been educated, I apologized to Mr Campbell and vowed never to play that recording again. It was deleted from my archives]. The New Democratic Party continued its campaign to kill – politically – Alpian Allen and PR while a surrogate from Grenada used his Just Another Look programme to tar and feather the founder Sir James. Sir James was not heard from and in fact when they were facing difficulties in Parliament and the late Rasum Shallow suggested that he be contacted, the response was, “The farther you stay from him the better.”

Entry 2003: PR vanquished, Sir James tarred and feathered, Jerry Scott becomes the next threat. He must be challenged for the Chairmanship. Israel Bruce looks like a good choice to challenge in 2005. Will begin to groom. Will call Jerry to meeting to inform him that I do not want him for a candidate in 2005. [So much for revised constitution and more democracy]. “I am not picking any candidate based on popularity,” [recording available].

Author’s note: But Bruce has ambition, he wants to be candidate. It seems like smooth sailing, he is every where, the new poster-boy. That is until Brereton Horne, the Englishman, somebody’s wife cousin, signals an interest. A campaign to stain Bruce begins, championed by a Mt Greenan female. She lists his five sins to me. These were again listed by Arnhim Ulrick Eustace. I called Bruce. Please explain. Have you been asked about any of these charges? No.

Entry 2005: Swallow my pride, will call Sir James but his help would be minimal. Discussion with Linton who has invited him to speak at his launch at Calliaqua. You can have Sir James on your platform, but he cannot speak.

Author’s note: Dr Linton A Lewis desperately wants Sir James to speak at his launching, but has to now tell him he will not be allowed to speak. Dr Lewis informs me of the situation. Sir James calls me for my opinion. He should not go there as “a spectator.” Dr Lewis is so informed. Someone relents. He is allowed to speak at Georgetown at the launching of Cameron Balcombe. NDP loses the election. The Grenadian lashes out at all the candidates except of course… Sir is again fodder not a call from the leader for at least two years – not a word after the election. I call for a change of leadership and I am banned from Nice Radio.