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January 21, 2014

Ken is not interested in Vincentian politics

Tue Jan 21, 2013

Editor: I refer to your article of January 14, 2014, titled “How did I get involved? – Toronto businessman”. I am so darn irate with the stupidity our Vincentian people!!!!!{{more}}

For YEARS Ken [Chitole of KLC Shippers, Toronto, Canada] has helped us out and to come to this in a time of disaster is just so undermining of them. Ken has NO business with our POLITICAL war in St Vincent and the person or persons who did this to him should be ASHAMED of themselves! In no way shape or form Ken would single out a political party to not ship to. HE is a businessman and still have to pay his workers for assisting St. Vincent and St Lucia.

When my sister and I approached Ken to assist us in the shipping for the toy programme, he NEVER asked us who we voted for….for all you know we could have been from Mars! Vincentian people, I implore you all to SMARTEN up and embrace kindness and genuine help. Let everybody pull out their $5,000.00 to pay for the containers to SVG and see where it will bring you! Pray that another one like this doesn’t come down on the Land of the Blessed. Get up and lend a helping hand instead of all the negativity. God did not create us to be that way. Pick up your BIBLE, study and maintain the words within. We have a long way to go as a nation!