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January 10, 2014
Will we listen to God’s word?

Fri Jan 10, 2013

Editor: The disaster has passed. We all suffer, especially those who lost loved ones in death. We feel for one another. People are talking. Some say it is time for us to turn to God, if we have not yet done so. Well, it truly is the wise course for anyone to turn to God and become his servant, be it disaster or not. However, many who speak of turning to God are themselves not doing so. They are not even showing a willingness to listen to God.{{more}}
As an example: Why is it that when the Jehovah’s Witnesses visit them at their homes, a number of people run, hide, quickly close their doors, tell their children to lie, saying that they are not at home, or worse yet, verbally abuse the Jehovah’s Witnesses? Unfortunately, even some who claim to be Christians are unwilling to talk to the Jehovah’s Witnesses when they should be happy to discuss God’s Word. I am not saying that you have to become a Jehovah’s Witness. You have your own choice to make as to which religion you wish to belong to.
But why not show some respect for God’s Word by having a conversation when you are visited by someone speaking the Word of God? Then you can share your ideas as well from what you know. You can even ask the Jehovah’s Witnesses questions that you may have about their beliefs and practices. Why not? Find out for yourself. Acts 28:22. I commend those who discuss the Bible with visitors who preach it. That is grown-up, mature behaviour. So, be willing to show deep respect for God and for His Word when you receive a visit from someone who is willing to discuss God’s Word with you. The disaster has gone. Will we really listen to God’s Word and try to do what it says?