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January 3, 2014
Historical Notes St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Vincentian is born

“We are very pleased today to welcome “The Vincentian” the latest addition to the newspaper world of St Vincent. The launching of the new paper vividly reminds us of our debut twenty years ago, when like Jason in search of the Golden Fleece, we embarked on the stormy seas of Journalism. Like the Argonants of old our cotem will find his path beset with hidden perils and dangers enumerable.{{more}} To live up to the chosen motto “Veritas Superabit” will be no easy task, for the world has not yet arrived at the stage to appreciate this great blessing, and in fulfilling the duty of opposing and denouncing all forms of public wrong and upholding every kind of public right, “The Vincentian” will require all the firmness and determination with which it is credited. The fate of every reformer in this world is martyrdom and our cotem will at times be disheartened to find that even those he tries most to help will be the first to cry “crucify him”, “away with him.” But if he perseveres he will win honour and glory beyond conception. In England the home of freedom and liberty, the press has been rightly described as an “Estate of the Realm” and England and the world owe the freedom they possess to the Press. Even in our little Island home, many beneficial changes were brought about by the local press. The Vincentian therefore has before it a noble task. We wish our cotem a useful and long career.” (The Times, October 9, 1919)