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January 3, 2014
Are law enforcement personnel being paid-off?

Fri Jan 03, 2014

Editor: I would like to find out if our country has a noise act, and if we do, why does it seem as though our law enforcers are turning a blind eye to the amount of amplified recordings that are continuously played throughout Kingstown on a daily basis, from the moment business hours begin, until past sunset.{{more}}

I am sure that any person who is going to play such amplified recordings has to request permission from the police and I would like to believe that this permission, if granted, is not granted for an entire nine hours straight.

There is something called noise pollution, and playing recordings repeatedly for nine hours straight is contributing to noise pollution in this country; but clearly no one seems to care about this at all.

So, are we ignoring these laws or are our law enforcement personnel being paid off and so they just turn a blind eye and let these people do what they want?

I do not see why people should be disturbed at their workplace by such people who do these things, disregarding the laws put in place in this country and since they are not being enforced they get away with it.

Is this really how a country should be moving forward and looking to be more developed should function?

Is this how we are teaching our younger generations who are supposed to become our “future leaders” to lead? By disregarding laws that have been put in place and letting people do as they feel? And is this what we have to look forward to? A country that has no enforcement when it comes to laws and citizens who just do what they feel like when they feel like.

If this is really how we are going to continue, then we are nowhere near ready for the future, especially where the international airport is concerned, and maybe this lawlessness that is going on is contributing to many other problems that this country is facing.

Concerned Citizen