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December 13, 2013
Ungratefulness is like witchcraft

Fri Dec 13, 2013

Editor: There is an old adage that says “UNGRATEFULNESS is like WITCHCRAFT”. This is how I will refer to the Leader of the Opposition in his so-called “open letter” to the founder of the NDP, which was given to him against the wishes of the NDP supporters at the time, but had to eat humble pie to avoid any mayhem or confusion at the time.{{more}}

So, having gotten into the position of leadership, that was when the confusion started. Clearly, he wanted to do things his way, whilst Sir James had other ideas; but this is the heart of the matter. You cannot refer to Sir James as one of the founding fathers; he is the “FOUNDING FATHER”.

The point that I am making, Sir James is still of the view that he is the owner of the party, even though the leader is currently the President of the Party. He cannot believe that he is ultimately the guru and that the founder is out; but again, no one is surprised and it is only the beginning of their woes. All I will say, they just give Dr Friday the first vice-president to keep him quiet, but no one knows what is going through his mind and the Leader of the Opposition must realize that he must not underestimate the founder. He is no way out of the woods.

By the way, did I not hear the chairman, Dr Lewis, on a programme Sunday night, mention something about “DISCIPLINE”? Are they contemplating disciplining Sir James? Can you imagine that the only position that was challenged was that of the chairman at their convention?

All I can say is that the Leader of the Opposition is living in a dream world; let him read a letter from Dr Cyrus about the health care at the hospital. Only a few die-hard supporters would say how hard is the economy, but they must check the fast food, KFC, Sub-way et al, the lining up of the barbecue grills on weekends.

Time alone will tell, but the time of the next election, would they have anything to speak about?

Randolph Peters