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December 13, 2013
Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Fri Dec 13, 2013

Editor: Mandela, your death has brought many world leaders together, less than your life. You will forever be remembered by all freedom fighters globally. Your memory to us will be second to our Messiah out of Palestine. Our greatest hope is to see your burial on x-mas day — the day that they celebrate our Messiah’s birth; but by the time these words are printed, your body may be already secured.{{more}} Just like a seed has to die in the earth for a new plant to appear, so too, your death will cause many more freedom fighters like you to appear to finish the work our God gave you to do. We will continue the struggle for freedom, and equal rights and justice for all people the world over.

From a prisoner to a president in dark and divided South Africa, you’ve shown light and broke down the racial and economical divided walls and enabled all people to recognize the oneness of humanity: you are gone but not forgotten. Your non-violent revolutionary spirit will remain with us and we will destroy the undestroyable evils with that fighting spirit.

May your soul rest in peace as we continue the struggle for the oneness of humanity — the kingdom of God.

A Christian Democrat