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November 22, 2013

Tell this woman to please leave me alone

Fri Nov 22, 2013

Editor: Please permit me space in your newspaper to express my concern about a very disturbing situation.

I am a young woman operating a small business in Kingstown. For sometime now, it seems as if I am a target of a certain woman. I have no idea who this woman really is, or why she is targeting me. If she sees me on the streets, she stops her vehicle and wants to have some long conversation with me.{{more}}

What worries me most is that each time we meet, she keeps telling me that she is praying for me. She also tells me that she has a word from the Lord for me. I do not know what this woman wants with me. I have never discussed my business with her. I have never asked her to pray for me or to prophesy over my life. She appears to be very angelic, but I for some reason, I cannot trust her. I think she has ulterior motives. So I am saying to her “leave me alone.”

Thank you

Watchful D