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November 15, 2013
Corner near Anglican Church in Rillan Hill needs widening

Fri Nov 15, 2013

Editor: It is indeed good news to hear of the soon to commence Leeward Highway project. I am certain many of us are happy, including this writer who has previously written about the bad conditions of the roads.{{more}}

I know that when the project gets underway early next year, patience will have to be exercised by vehicle

drivers and passengers alike. We realize also that after its commencement there would be critics, some genuine and some because of party politics.

I have not seen the plan of the road and do not know what the engineers have put together for the road. However, I would like to mention of importance, a section of the road that needs to be widened if possible, since that section of road is far too narrow and can be dangerous. The area I am talking about is the corner of the bottom of the road from the Anglican church at Rillan Hill, if you are travelling from Leeward into town or the beginning of the road leading up to the Anglican church if you are travelling from Kingstown.

That area has a small corner and at the corner is a road leading into a small community. Thus, there is a small bank at the edge of the road. I realize it would be a difficult job widening that area, for it would require cutting the bank above the road. Nevertheless, it is important that it be done if it is not yet in the plan for the road.

It is very challenging driving around that corner, especially when there is an oncoming vehicle. So, while we are embarking on such an important project, let good sense and some concern be demonstrated and let us avoid further difficulties that would arise from this area by taking into consideration this area.

Kennard King