Bypass road that leads out of Rockies community into Kingstown needs attention
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November 15, 2013
Bypass road that leads out of Rockies community into Kingstown needs attention

Fri Nov 15, 2013

Editor: It is out of a sense of bewilderment and frustration that I write this letter. I refer specifically to the horrible condition of the bypass road that leads out of the Rockies community and into Kingstown. The road directly in front of the Cambridges’ residence!

I have been trying to understand the Minister of Transport’s rationale for not using concrete material in holes in these roads and the fact that other roads may have similar issues.{{more}} However, the fact remains that this situation has been deteriorating over the past six months or longer. As a matter of fact, the road works department did deploy a few men to fill the holes with gravel, but it was soon eroded since there was no sign to indicate that work was being carried out on the pitch and traffic proceeded as usual.

Pedestrians have been slipping, sliding and even falling down on the loose gravel. Vehicles drop into the hole, damaging their undercarriages and creating endless problems for drivers to get out of the hole. We have swept the road, but sweeping is useless since the rain washes the gravel away or the minivans dig it out on their way to town.

Two weeks ago an adult took a hard fall on the road and just this week a little girl on her way to school fell down rather heavily. Other people take off their shoes or stand for hours waiting on a van because they are afraid of injury. In the meantime, I continue my futile sweeping of loose gravel in front of my gate and in the road, hoping that neither I nor any member my family would be the next victim and sustain some injury.

Come on, Mr Francis, Mr Luke Browne and all those who make meaningless promises! Are you going to wait until someone gets badly injured to do something? I really hope not.