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November 5, 2013
Get real, Gonsalves!

Tue Nov 05, 2013

Editor: I have the utmost respect for Dr Ralph Gonsalves’ scholarship, his political and economic skills. But I’m totally opposed to his ridiculous, patronizing campaign for reparation for slavery.{{more}}

The message I glean from this campaign is “We must continue in self-pity and blame slavery and slave masters, colonialism and imperialism for our plight. We cannot move forward unless the heirs of slave masters apologise and pay compensation for slavery.”

Many political activists and freedom fighters paid the ultimate price in the struggle for the freedom and dignity of black people. But (perhaps) Gonsalves wants more.

His Portuguese ancestors enslaved my African ancestors. I don’t hold that against Ralph and I’m not asking for apology and compensation.

As Prime Minister of an independent nation, Gonsalves is at the forefront of the system tackling the challenges of modern living. So, he can’t turn back the clock to the days of angry political activism. He must stop chasing shadows and Get REAL!

Avil Cupid