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October 18, 2013

Pay some attention to Port Chateaubelair

Fri Oct 18, 2013

Editor: The Chateaubelair port is labelled as a port of entry. How interesting it is, that it is labelled as such. It would be interesting to know if the port has been abandoned and neglected. Is it still a port of entry?{{more}}

A close examination of the port would show a sink on the wharf that occurred during the last storm. The sink has widened and it has shown some other areas of cracks. To add insult to injury, the lights on the wharf have not been working for some time now.

The wharf is in need of serious attention in the physical structure. At the moment, it would be almost impossible for a ship to dock at the port during the night, since there are no working lights. Also the condition, and the fact that the wharf has no lights, can lead to persons becoming injured if they are not careful, and when embarking or disembarking at night.

I know we are trying to improve on our tourism and to market North Leeward as a tourist site. Thus, having ships docked at Port Chateaubelair will improve the economic situation in North Leeward and would also help market North Leeward as a tourism site.

I, therefore recommend that some attention be paid to this wharf and put the necessary mechanism in place to really make Chateaubelair a port of entry. After all, neglecting this port and abandoning it can be a critical mistake. Let us hope that some attention is paid to it very soon. For we all know, this port has potential. Thank you.

Kennard King