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October 8, 2013

I felt abused by first lady in waiting – Kingsley

Tue Oct 8, 2013

Editor: I’m assuring you that I’m not losing my mind; the way things are going, I have to remain focused. Whenever I write or share my opinion, I do it in the interest of St Vincent and the Grenadines. I’m very critical of Dr Gonsalves as the Prime Minister; I think there is a need for me to be critical of him whenever the need arises.{{more}}

While I’m critical of him I maintain respect for him as this country’s Prime Minister. Sometimes I get the impression that the Prime Minister doesn’t like to be criticized. As a critic of Dr Gonsalves, I think he is trying his best in the interest of the poor, low income houses, the Education Revolution, wage increases, loans for persons who find difficulty with finances for studies and the Argyle international airport, just to name a few.

While Dr Gonsalves is doing his best, NDP mostly criticizes. Just like Hans King, who admires and respects Dr Gonsalves, yet shares his opinions, I do the same. Several persons like Frank Da Silva, Chester Connell and Steven Joachim criticize because they think Eustace’s leadership is lacking. I think their criticism is constructive and that is what we need in politics. It was a surprise hearing the response of Mr Eustace about their criticism; I thought he was kinder and gentler. Leading a political party is a serious thing to do and if Mr Eustace isn’t up to it, he should give it up. The question is, who in the NDP can lead; Mr Leacock? Vincentians don’t trust him; Mr Cummings? Leading C.W.S.A is a different task from leading the country. Dr Friday doesn’t believe in himself, so he is out, and Dr Lewis boasts about his qualifications, but that doesn’t make you a leader. So the NDP is stuck with Mr Eustace.

I had an experience where the wife of a leader of a political party came to the airport, which is my work place. She came looking for me.

I was surprised, and after the first lady in waiting was finished with me, I felt abused. I was frightened, as I thought I was in a rum shop; I felt as if I were in a fowl farm. I was told that’s how she behaves whenever one criticizes her husband. I never believed it, but who feels it knows it.

Use your imagination; put yourself in my shoes and you would know how I feel. My words to her were “Lord have mercy, save me from this riot. Why me? All because I criticized your husband!” The lady said to me “He is the politician, but I’m the one you have to deal with.”

The one thing she forgot to say is that I’m out of place.

So, I called my friend who is a lawyer to share my experience. He asked me if I was criticizing my leader; I said yes. He said what do you expect, she has to defend her husband. He said party before you, you on your own.

Was I disappointed with my friend? Yes. What a friend.

Wait until I get my PhD.

Kingsley Defreitas