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September 6, 2013

Bring equal rights and justice committee

Fri Sep 6, 2013

Editor: Are the PM and his reparations committee serious? The month of Emancipation has gone and absolutely nothing national was planned and implemented to enlighten our people as to where we came from, where we are and where we are going. Some years ago, I heard that this country got some reparations money; is there anything monumental to show how that money was spent or deposited? If by chance, some more reparations money were to come, it is possible that the same thing will happen with that money.{{more}}

Editor, we are demanding that the reparations committee be scrapped and replaced by an equal rights and justice committee. We have no confidence in the PM and that committee. And, remember we weren’t born to be slaves. We were made slaves by force of violence. When the Europeans invaded America, they enslaved the Indians and indentured some whites who could not do the hard labour under the scorching sun in the West.

The answer was black people from Africa, captured, and chained neck to neck, hand to hand, ankle to ankle; women were chained neck to neck only to carry baskets of food on heads and in hands. It is recorded that the Portuguese were the first to bring black slaves from Africa to the West. PM Gonsalves is of Portuguese descent. He is part of the problem, directly or indirectly. If he wants to be part of the solution, the recommendations to him are as follows: (1) Provide a true education revolution by (a) providing school uniforms for all our youth (b) relieving parents from having to pay all school fees (c) provide state paid transportation for schoolchildren (d) train teachers at the level of those of the Sugar Mill Inn early school to teach all our youth at the same level (e) build a university and teach music, agriculture and the art of cooperatives in all schools of learning.

And finally, before you leave the PM’s office, enact the Integrity Legislation that you took to Parliament. Failing to accomplish your task, you shall pay accordingly. We are 100 per cent in agreement with our government’s position on Syria’s plight, but locally we are demanding implementation of our recommendations.

A Christian Democrat