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September 6, 2013

All you guilty schoolteachers, please step up!

Fri Sep 6, 2013

Editor: A number of parents are making complaints about some teachers in primary and secondary schools who fail to set a good example for students. Their conduct leaves much to be desired. Some teachers drink rum and get drunk, use indecent language and display other negative behaviour, such as behaving in a violent manner. {{more}}

Often, these guilty teachers display such behaviour in the presence of students, sometimes in the presence of students that they themselves teach currently. This type of conduct is certainly not acceptable. So I am imploring all teachers who are guilty of the behaviour I mentioned before, to stop such below-standard conduct.

Take a look at yourselves and ask: If I see one of my students drinking and getting drunk, or using indecent language, would I honestly accept such behaviour from the student? Would I view that student as a good example for other students and for the society? So, am I truly a good example for my students and for society? Am I really living up to the code of ethics for teachers? Do I really deserve to be a teacher? There is a dire need for all guilty teachers to STEP UP. Yes, STEP UP! Follow the example of teachers who display good conduct, who keep setting a wonderful example for their students. I applaud teachers who continue to set a fine example for their students. Keep it up! I call upon ALL teachers to be a great example to students and to society in general.

Let us bring back the teaching profession to where it was before, where parents and students saw most or all teachers as deserving of full respect, for indeed, teaching is a respectful profession.

Let us all, as teachers, act in ways that show we deserve to be respected.

Expressing Concern!