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August 9, 2013

Installation of Bishop Byron Wendell Davis – The dawn of a new day!

Fri Aug 9, 2013

Editor: The installation and elevation of Bishop Byron Wendell Davis as the new Administrative Bishop and/or Overseer for the New Testament Church of God Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Lucia brings a breath of fresh air and a period pregnant with excitement and growth.{{more}}

A man of impeccable character and integrity who is filled with a passion for the things of God, and demonstrates a hunger and commitment to spiritual excellence, while yet humble, caring and visionary, will only serve to propel God’s work in Hairouna and the Helen of the West and beyond and take NTCG to higher heights.

Pastor Davis’ walk is his testimony! He lives the life and walks the walk! He does not bring the name of Christ into disrepute, and operates above scandals and murmurings which have stifled and strangled so many ministers’ ministries! Glory to God! This has earned him the respect, not just of his congregation, but the entire community of Diamond!

His annual Open Year, Open Air Crusade, where the Bishop spearheads the effort to give the community, as well as neighbouring communities, God’s directions and guidance at the commencement of each year, has become a signature event which has impacted not just Diamond, but communities far beyond. These activities are also decorated by regional, as well as international servants of God like Pastor Dave King of Grenada and Oslman Williams of SVG and Jamaica.

Talking about impact and Open Air Crusade, the entire Diamond community, as well as visiting communities will never forget the 2013 Open Air Crusade when the Holy Spirit bought everyone under subjection, grinding the community to a standstill under the powerful influence of God’s servant Oslman Williams! What a time it was! National Church of God in SVG and Saint Lucia could only benefit from God’s blessings, calling, and moving on this man’s passion, commitment and organisational skills!

The new Bishop’s humility is well observed. He refuses to tell stories and bore his audiences about his academic and/or professional achievements. His greatest joy is to speak God’s words and walk as a Christian. Before becoming the national overseer, he would be one of the few pastors to fellowship with the men’s department in bunk style at camp sites. The broader membership and potential membership will undoubtedly benefit from this humility, since Christ himself is humble and God wants us to always humble ourselves!

The quality of love is also demonstrated in his walk. Bishop Davis’ love for people is real! He has accepted about half a dozen disadvantaged children into his home, and presently he has two. What is good here is that he treats them just as his own! He makes “love” the verb that it really is, qualities which should serve him well in his new post!

Even his professional training in ICT and computer management seems to have been part of God’s preparation to propagate God’s word in this new technology environment. What a calling!

As Pastor Davis, now Bishop Byron Wendell Davis, has been elevated to the esteemed position of Administrative Bishop/NTCG of SVG and Saint Lucia, congratulations are in order for God’s humble and faithful servant.

May God continue to grant him the wisdom of Solomon, the character of Joseph, as he continues to behave himself wisely before the Lord like David, even when under assault from Saul!

Sir, Diamond, I, and SVG celebrate you, as you walk in the footsteps of Mother Priam of blessed memory advancing God’s kingdom on earth!

The installation of Bishop Byron Wendell Davis is therefore a good thing for God’s work!

To God be the glory! Great things he has done!

Otto Sam