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July 16, 2013
May God Bless SVG

Tue Jul 16, 2013

Editor: About 40 yrs ago I told the former Editor of The Vincentian newspaper Mrs Nora Peacock that Ralph Gonsalves is the future of St Vincent. She whispered “But he is communist”.{{more}}

In March 1979, I recorded a chat with my political hero Ebenezer Theodore Joshua, who rated young Gonsalves very highly. Joshua lent me a booklet “Who killed Sugar in St Vincent” written by Dr Ralph Gonsalves. I still feel guilty that I didn’t read the book as I promised.

When I read the most impressive profile of Dr Gonsalves, written by another bright son of the soil “Matthew Thomas”, I was left in no doubt that Gonsalves is the most qualified political scientist in the Caribbean and one of the top political in the world.

When Dr Gonsalves became prime minister, I wrote to the Vincentian “Mitchell is a hard act to follow”. See Dr Kenneth John’s “This Week”. Now I am so glad that Dr Gonsalves followed his own dreams. I believe that Dr Gonsalves master plan for St Vincent (SVG) cannot be matched or surpassed whichever way we look at it. May God lead and guide our nation to progress, peace and prosperity.

Avil Cupid