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July 12, 2013

NDP leadership – cry-babies paying lip service to airport

Fri Jul 12, 2013

Editor: Why does the leadership of the NDP keep fooling their supporters, giving them the impression that they are in support of the Argyle international airport? Why do they keep opposing this project on one side of their mouths and on the other hand, prior to the last general elections, they came up with breaking news, telling Vincentians that they have the support of a “MAJOR International Construction Group capable of undertaking large scale projects and will partner with the NDP Administration to finally get the airport in a state of readiness.”{{more}}

In the June 14, 2013 editions of the weekly papers, the NDP gave a cost of $1.1 billion for constructing the airport. My question is, if members of the administration are saying the airport cannot pay for itself over the next 100 years, which major company would spend that amount of money to build that airport? If you borrow money from the bank to construct a house or buy a new car, would you use the money to buy food or pay water bill?

The heart of the matter is that the leadership of the NDP was shocked to realize that the Hon. Prime Minister was able to raise the money to build the airport, so all this diatribe about using the money to help banana farmers and things for the hospital is just a way to divert attention from the main issue, the airport.

If it is left to the NDP administration, they will be happy to see the airport come to a halt, but the pressure is on them to try to manufacture a way to do so, but in the meantime, the ULP Administration is full steam ahead to complete the project.

The NDP and its supporters know full well that we have no control over the WTF ruling in the problem associated with bananas, but they are trying to use the disease to fool people.

How can you talk about tourism/agriculture when we don’t have proper air access to bring visitors here and take our products out? No wonder they are cry cry babies.

Randolph Peters