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July 2, 2013

Potential Power

Tue July 2, 2013


Potential Power

Dormant but not extinct

Is the clear cut voice

Of the youths

Overlooked by our leaders,{{more}}

Is a loose of Creativity and innovators!

We are the new era

Pushed aside by the church

Is hypocrisy at its worse!

Don’t expect us to be perfect,

Lead through example

Exploitation by perverts

Is paralysis to our growth!

It cripples the mind

Torn into pieces by women

Is sadness revealed!


Don’t you know we are all queens!

Led astray by friendship

Stagnates your excellence

All that glitter, the story is known

Being held back by self

We judge the task to great

Lack of courage to Stand and Speak

Is what’s keeping us on our knees!


I just want the youths to know that we are the future and the actions of the senior generation will be our Problem. So we should never be afraid to Stand up and Speak out about the issues that concern us.

Marcella Dublin (poetess)

8th June 2013

d/d: to the nations youths.

E-mail: marcella09success@gmail.com