What’s your opinion on the picks for the calypso finals?
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June 28, 2013

What’s your opinion on the picks for the calypso finals?

Fri June 28, 2013

Yvonne Jack:

I really like the picks for this year. I especially like Bump-I’s song and he is the one I am backing.{{more}}

McCarthy Smith:

I think the picks could have been more challenging and more competitive rather than some of the names they have. The judges’ decision is final though. I-pa and Rejector will be strong competitors for the reigning monarch, Fya Empress.

Kenneth Samuel:

I don’t really take part in the calypso, but I think the calypso standard needs to be raised. I just wish all of them the best. I know it will be great competition.

Rawltie Lowe:

I believe there should have been two other persons included in that ten. I just have to be satisfied with the judges’ decision. I think Fya Empress still has the edge and the other calypsonians will have to come up with two good songs to beat her, because she is very good. I still have her as the winner until the final night.

Dave Roberts:

I have no problem with the picks. I am glad to see some young people coming onto the scene. Some of them have some calypsos that make sense. I see some of the veterans didn’t make it. Maybe it’s wake up or send home call for them, but I think it’s good for the art form. I really like Bump-I’s calypso. That seems to be a favourite right now.