Our Readers' Opinions
June 28, 2013

Pay some attention to Glen and Lodge Village

Fri June 28, 2013

Editor: Many thanks to the government for patching holes in some of the areas from Layou upwards. We know it is not the ideal solution, but nevertheless in these hard economic times, we are grateful.

Sometime ago, work was done on the Calder road, but unfortunately when we thought they would have completed the patching of the holes, it was stopped.{{more}} I would like to once again remind BRAGSA that it is important to at least complete the filling and patching of the holes on the road.

While we are on roads, let us be reminded that the roads in Glen are very, very bad. Some of the holes are very deep and of course, in some areas, they take up a large percentage of the road.

I am therefore asking that some attention be given to those holes in Glen. Also, sometime ago, BRAGSA started some patching and filling up of the holes in the Green Hill area. It was a great relief to the many vehicles travelling on that road. Of course, they are grateful for that. However, there needs to be a continuation of the filling up of the holes. The road from Lodge Village, right up, is badly in need of some urgent attention.

It can be argued that we are in difficult times financially, with which we agree. However, let there be some consideration for those roads mentioned. The condition of these roads is making it difficult for the vehicles which travel on them. The damage that can occur to vehicles travelling on these roads can be extensive and expensive. So therefore, give some relief to those using transportation on these roads by fixing the potholes in these roads. I will be disappointed if it runs on for a long time before something is done.

Kennard King