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June 7, 2013

Unite for a better future

Fri June 7, 2013

Editor: This is for the ordinary people. For too long the system has been designed to deprive us of having a better standard of living, and to counteract our rights and benefits and to enslave us as ordinary people.{{more}}

We mentally accept that it is normal the way things are, and there is nothing we can do to change it; the reality is, systems are made to be changed and amended.

Never think or feel that you are too ordinary to make a change. For the better, for our children and our future generation, ordinary men became great men, through bravery and determination. Too long we have sat and hoped for a better tomorrow, and a better system; that is not how it works; we have to rise and take a stand and make a change for the better.

So often we have said what can I do about this or that? I am just a simple ordinary person?

Wrong statement, it is no longer what can I do? It is now – I am going to do what I have to do to bring about a change for the better.

In this new age of civilization, we still allow the love for politicians to blind our eyes and to divide and conquer us as a people. When we divide ourselves, we defeat the purpose to succeed, we give away our rights and benefits, and prevent the way for a more level and balanced playing field in our system. This is our right and not a favour as ordinary people.

The greatest power we have in our hands is called unity. We should never underestimate ourselves, and the power that is within us when we join hearts and hands together. The mission will be accomplished.

For us to reach our full potential to accomplish the tasks we set out to achieve, we must unite; rich people and politicians defend each other, so we, the simple and ordinary folks, need to do likewise.

Two things that hinder progress for us as a nation, and more so for us, the ordinary people, are greed and division. That is how the system is designed to limit our statuses.

The hardcore reality is whatever affects this nation affects all of us when we as a people remain silent and close our eyes to wicked acts of injustice, exploitation and discrimination. We are just as guilty and wicked as those that have done it. This country needs more serious voices and voices that are willing and ready to take a stand for a better system and a better society; it does not matter which government is in office.

I have never seen rain fall on only one house roof. It is full time for us as a people to pull away ourselves from being too politically minded. When you say I am a Vincentian, you are simply saying I am St Vincent. All Vincentians own this country and should have the same rights.

I have never heard of any politicians or a government that has ever bought a country. I hope our National Anthem has not changed to the song “Silent Night”. That song has become our favourite song in this country, but I still prefer the song “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”.

On a very serious note, it is incumbent on all of us as a people to help chart the course of our future and our children’s future, for a better standard of living and to have the same treatment, rights and benefits, which is our right and not a favour.

Now, I am calling on all serious and conscious minded Vincentians to make a difference. A group of us have formed an organization to defend equal rights and justice for all, and prevent exploitation of the poor, whether it is done by the Government or the Opposition or other institutions. We take stand against abuse of children, violence and rape against women and the list goes on. We will be your voice when you don’t have a voice. We are a very serious organization, but not violent or political.

Within the law, we do whatever it takes to solve problems and bring about the solutions. This organization is good for all of us ordinary people. It will help to lift the many burdens we bear alone; we welcome as many persons as possible.

For further information, you can contact us at telephone number 784-495-6910.

Augustus Belgrave