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May 28, 2013

Gruesome murders – comparisons and contrasts

Tue May 28, 2013

Editor: This is truly a small world. The problems that affect us here, people in other lands are being affected by them also.One, Jodi Arias, is being tried in Arizona for the murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. The gruesome way the murder was done, according to Juan Martinez, brought tears to the eyes of many. Travis was hacked to death in his very home.{{more}} He was stabbed through his heart, also many parts of his body; he was shot, then he was washed and left to be discovered.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I savoured every detail, since the scene took me back to December 4, 2011, where a popular dental technician was alleged to have met a similar death.

He was ambushed, according to persons who were in possession of the information, in his own very home, like Travis. The unknown murderer(s) stabbed directly at the spot where his pacemaker was. Apparently, they knew he had a heart problem. According to informants, the alleged murderer(s) stabbed so intensely that the knife broke in his chest. This had to be removed at the mortuary. Then he was shot.

In Arizona, Juan Martinez, the Crowns’ prosecutor, left no stone unturned as he walked onlookers in the courtroom, along with thousands of viewers throughout the world, as he skillfully painted a vivid picture of Travis’ death on that fateful day in his home. His powerful statements, which he gave in Juan’s style, brought tears to many eyes. He is bent on bringing justice to the deceased family.

In stark contrast to what happened here on the 4th December, as if nothing happened on that day.

To me, the case was closed even before it had begun. “Nobody” killed the dental technician because, to my notice, not a single individual was brought before the court for him. The lawmakers did not even make a pretense at seriously investigating the matter. The scene was not treated as a crime scene, since people were seen walking in and out; thus evidence that was supposed to be used was gotten rid of.

There are persons who are still wondering if a human had died, or one of his dogs.

As regards his dogs, they conveniently disappeared, then reappeared after their master was killed. How convenient this was. Probably they were angry at him for depriving them of their meal, so they thought he deserved the fate he met.

It served him well too, for he knows he cannot talk freely in a country that is supposed to be free; yet he risked it. He talked too much; if he weren’t so free with his tongue in a free country, he would have still been around with his family. So, for his tongue, he paid with his life. It was his fault.

Unlike Arizona, our justice system has unashamedly and powerlessly disappointed the still grieving family.

No wonder individuals are lamenting the way their matters are handled at times at the court. They firmly believed that the justice system is not delivering.

We need passionate Juan Martinez to put some spark in this very important aspect of our state. But there is still hope. For those with faith, hope is there by just knowing that GOD is watching FROM A DISTANCE. And a line from one of our talented calypsonians goes like this “ALL UNFAIR GAME WILL BE PLAYED AGAIN.”

Estera Woods