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April 5, 2013

Police inspectors of vehicles, please, be courteous

Fri Apr 5, 2013

Editor: With deep feelings I appeal to the police inspectors of vehicles to be courteous when dealing with drivers who come to the station at Arnos Vale to have their vehicles inspected.{{more}}

Recently, I went to have my vehicle inspected. I was treated well by a gentle police inspector who inspected my vehicle and calmly asked me to do this or that, which I did. In the past, I noticed that that police inspector seems to be much kinder than the others in the way he deals with drivers. I commend that inspector and wish he continues that way, which I believe he will. However, while at the station, another police inspector was shouting at a woman at the steering wheel: “Ah say tek yoh foot off the brakes!” screaming such words a few times. The beautiful young lady at the wheel appeared nervous and probably wasn’t focusing properly due to the harsh way she was being treated by the inspector. That’s not the only time I saw this type of behaviour displayed. I’ve been at that station many times before and saw other rough treatment to drivers. Come on, inspectors, some of the drivers who come to you are facing stress similar to what you may be facing or maybe worse. Why harass the ones you should be looking out for? How much better to be like the inspector I mentioned at the beginning of this article, who treated me with dignity?

So, I am asking ALL police inspectors of vehicles, please, be courteous in dealing with drivers; treat them the way you, as inspectors, would like to be treated. Remember the golden rule that Jesus Christ gave at Matthew 7:12. I appeal to you again: “police inspectors of vehicles, PLEASE, BE COURTEOUS!”

A Lady With Deep Feelings!