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April 5, 2013

A low-down, dirty SHAME!

Fri Apr 5, 2013

Editor: I would like to express my deepest disgust for the events of Thursday, March 21, 2013 (Inter-Secondary Schools Sports).

Traditionally, these sporting activities are designed to promote health and wellness, by way of friendly competitions. Students learn the value of discipline and foster relationships through victory and defeat.{{more}} But, sorry to say, in my opinion, the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports committee FAILED to cultivate that type of environment and instead, the event promoted promiscuity and immoral behaviour. My assessment is not being made in a vacuum.

The attendance at the sporting event was ridiculously small, considering that all secondary school teachers and students were given the day to attend. Teachers instead decided to make it a holiday, instead of supporting the same young people they “should” be moulding. Students opted to stay outside the sporting complex and “lime,” versus being a part of the games, and to make matters worse, not only did they not support the event and support their peers, but the dress codes that were on display were atrocious!

At the sports, I felt like I was in a twilight zone; I wasn’t sure if I was at sports, at a club or at a whore-house. These young ladies left nothing to the imagination. I couldn’t help but wonder where the parents were. How were they allowed to leave home like this?

There was a time when Inter-Secondary School Sports was an event not to be missed: real competition and excitement. Students wore their uniforms and it wasn’t an issue. It was easy to identify what school was being represented and who was being supported. Since when did wearing the uniform become unacceptable? Why did the Ministry of Education sanction a school event where students don’t wear the uniform? Teachers should not be given the option to stay home and students should be in their uniforms! Thanks to the sponsors, but maybe they too should evaluate where they are spending and what exactly they are promoting.

When I thought my grief was over, I journeyed to Kingstown to behold the massacre outside of a local club. These same under-aged young ladies, who were distastefully dressed, stormed the club to most likely consume alcohol with grown men. I’m sure you can do the math and sum up what may have occurred.

I write as a very concerned young person. This incredible moral decay worries me as I glimpse into our blessed SVG 10 years from now and beyond. Where are we really going? We must WAKE up and address these issues now, before they spiral out of our control. The time is NOW to ACT!

Concerned, PAJ