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March 28, 2013

Why do we pay NIS?

Thurs Mar 28, 2013

Editor: I want to highlight a recent situation where I accompanied a close friend of mine to a Medical Board meeting at the National Insurance Services. My friend is suffering from HTLV 1&2 and has lost most of his mobility in his lower extremities. Before the referral to the Medical Board, NIS had to verify that he had made the the number of contributions to be qualified for any assistance; in this case he was qualified. There were three doctors present at the meeting.{{more}} I will not mention their names, but in my opinion the interview went well, because they were aware of the seriousness of the disease. At the end of the interview my friend was told the NIS will contact him in two weeks. Imagine my shock and disgust when none of the three doctors approved the application for assistance. What I want to know is:

1. If the doctors are being paid for each application that is not approved.

2. How can people who never made any contribution to NIS get non-contributory assistance and people who would have made their contributions while working, now they are unable to do so, can’t get any assistance.

This gentleman is only 43 years old. How is he to survive and feed his children? I ask, is NIS worth paying or should people just try to put something aside for an event like this?

Monty Agard