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March 22, 2013
Treat precious women better!

Fri Mar 22, 2013

Editor: I commend the men of today’s society who treat women properly. Congrats! Keep it up! How great it will be if other men, who do not treat women in the right way, can copy the good examples.

In the Bible, God said that a woman is man’s helper. Genesis 2:18. God also indicated that a woman must be treated with dignity. For instance, Abraham, God’s servant and friend, was told to listen to Sarah’s voice. Genesis 21:12; Isaiah 41:8. Jesus Christ dignified a Samaritan woman by speaking to her in public, something that Jewish men back then would never do. John 4:7-27. Jesus even revealed to the woman that he was the promised Messiah. John 4:25, 26.
Also, John the apostle records that “Jesus loved Martha, and her sister…,” clearly showing that Jesus Christ really values women, as much as men. Furthermore, God requires that husbands love their wives as they love themselves. Ephesians 5:25, 28, 29. We know that at times there will be disagreements between a man and a woman, but abuse (physical, verbal, emotional) is not the answer to such disagreements. Settle the matter between you both quickly, where possible, even if it may involve the assistance of a trusted, fair-minded friend of both individuals. Be willing to forgive. Ephesians 4:26, 27, 31, 32. Therefore, in this country of ours, how wise it is for men who are guilty of abusing women to turn around and start treating them with genuine dignity and love.

I urge you to read all the Scriptures mentioned above and try to practise what they say. It is an awful shame when women are ill-treated by men- UTTERLY disgraceful! Give women the right to fair and loving treatment. Of course, we know that women must not abuse men either, which occurs in a minority of cases. When women are treated with dignity and love, we show that we respect the Most High, yes, the HIGHEST being in the entire universe, who has the right as Creator, to tell us how women should be treated. Psalms 83:18; Revelation 4:11.

Simeon James