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February 1, 2013
PM and Police Comissioner, please call a meeting

Fri, Feb 01, 2013

Editor: In last week’s newspaper, I read about a lad who alleged that some policemen of the Rapid Response Unit physically abused him badly in the Coulls Hill area. This is just one of many allegations that have been made against policemen over the years.{{more}} I think that the matter of police brutality is going overboard now, or has already gone overboard. Some are not mentioned in newspapers; they may be heard on some radio stations or not heard at all.
Why should the very ones who are employed to protect us be the ones who are abusing us severely? Why? Why? I wish to recommend to you, Dr the Honourable Ralph Gonsalves, please, can you call a meeting, along with the Police Commissioner, and address this serious issue of police brutality with the entire police force, or especially, with the members of the Rapid Response Unit, since most cases of brutality are alleged against them?
I do believe that this matter may have been addressed before, but needs to be dealt with again, and this time, far more seriously. I personally think that the entire Police Force needs a clear, very serious warning and instructions on how they should perform their duties properly in their relationship with the public.
Perhaps more severe punishment needs to be handed down on any policeman/policewoman found guilty of abusing anyone – such as charging them a higher sum of money and terminating their service. Doing so may reduce instances of police brutality. Honourable Prime Minister, I beg of you again, please call an urgent meeting, along with the Police Commissioner to address this serious matter. I really hope that this call is heeded.