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January 29, 2013

Signs of the Last Days

Tue Jan 29, 2013

Editor: Based on the prophecies recorded in the Holy Bible, I have joined in the conclusion that we are in the last days.

The Bible warns that “in the last days many shall come in my name and shall deceive many.{{more}}

Yes, Satan the enemy of our souls knows that his time is short and he is becoming more and more desperate to draw souls into the Kingdom of Hell.

As a result of Satan’s desperation, cults and false prophets are springing up everywhere, even in places where we least expect to find them.

I was doing some research recently and came across some information that I would like to share with my fellow men.

As an educator, I think it is important for us to know these signs.

Characteristics of a cult

  • A cult usually has one maximum leader who is in absolute control over the followers or members.
  • The leader is often domineering and authoritarian; members are not allowed to question the leader’s authority.
  • A cult leader will often boast that his or her group is the only way to be saved and the only way to find truth.
  • Members of a cult are likely to be exposed to some form of sexual and financial exploitation from the leader.
  • Cult leaders prey upon the young, old, innocent, lonely and vulnerable.
  • When you join a cult, you gain instant friends, and you will be in sweet embrace, but if you decide to leave, these same friends will turn on you like a pack of wolves.
  • Cults usually tell their members what to wear, how to dress and who to socialize with.
  • Members are not encouraged to read any literature that exposes cults.
  • Mind control and deception by the leader results in members becoming brainwashed puppets or zombies.
  • Members are kept in order through fear and intimidation.

A cult can be described as any group having religious beliefs that others consider to be extreme, strange or sinister.

Cult leaders are often wolves in sheeps’ clothing, lurking in high and low places, seeking out their victims.

In the book of Timothy, the Bible warns us that “in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.

“Speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron.”

My people, be warned.

P Williams
Eye Opener