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January 29, 2013
Congratulations to Leroy Mulraine and F.I. Jack

Tue Jan 29, 2013

Editor: Congrats are in order for those who have been given awards from the queen. I do, however, agree with my good friend Rollin Stapleton, concerning the two gentlemen he made mention of, namely Mr Leroy Mulraine and F.I. Jack. Of course Mr Jack taught me at the St Vincent Boys’ Grammar School.{{more}}

It sure would be nice to know the criteria for awarding recognition. Mr Leopold Anthony from Troumaca is someone who I strongly recommend for a national award. He should have already been awarded and recognized. “Teacher Anto” as he is affectionately called, served this country in many areas, mainly as a teacher and also as a musician and in sports, namely, cricket. His years of service have been long and faithful.

In those days, teachers were not as well paid as they are now. Teacher Anto gave of his spare time to teach music and extra lessons in academic subjects. He has moulded the minds of so many of us and was a beacon in education in the early days of the 60’s to 80’s and maybe beyond.

Very little is heard of his work and the community service he rendered. Very little is told by those who have had an early upbringing educationally from this wonderful man. This man, though little is told in his remembrance, has done well and deserves full recognition. After all, why wait until he is dead to give a long eulogy of his life and accomplishment, when we can give him his flowers while he is alive. It is not too late to bestow recognition and award to this humble son of the soil.

Thanks to you, teacher Anthony, for your honesty and steadfastness in imparting education, values and music to the many who have passed your way. You shall always be remembered by me, even when the Lord chooses to call you away.

Kennard King