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January 18, 2013

Congratulations to the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School (TOSS)

Fri Jan 18, 2013

Editor: Congratulations are in order to the principal and staff of the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School (TOSS) on the attainment of forty years in official existence.{{more}}

TOSS is the first secondary school in North Leeward and amongst the earliest of the rural secondary schools. As insignificant as it may seem to some, because of its location, the school has produced many brilliant students. It has produced nurses, police officers, teachers, preachers just to name a few. Even a politician has passed through that school. The former area representative, Mr Alpian Allen, who was a principal at that school when he won his seat.

Forty years is no mean feat and no doubt it has survived many challenges. It won many public speaking competitions, cricket and other sports competitions. It is a school that has held its own in many areas. In academics it has held its own.

Due to development, the school no longer has a playing field where the students can play their sports and also it would be nice to once again have agriculture returned to the school with land available to do the agriculture.

So, as they began their celebration with a church service on Monday, January 14 at the New Testament Church, it was indeed encouraging giving thanks to GOD for bringing them through all those years to where they are now.

Much praise must be given to all the past principals who served there over the years, as well as teachers. Indeed they did a wonderful job.

Support must be given to the present principal and staff of this institution. It is time we pray and support in whatever way possible this noble institution. May God bless them.

Kennard King