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December 28, 2012

May God bless us as we enter another year

Fri Dec 28, 2012

Editor: Many thanks to you for publishing my many articles in your newspaper. I must thank God for HIS guidance and inspiration and also strength He gave to me to write these many years.{{more}}

I have been writing actively for some 10 years now. I previously wrote periodically. I owe a great debt to many persons who look forward to my weekly writings and also for their encouragement and suggestion. One of the many persons who kept me writing during my early years was my late dad, who looked forward every week to my articles and would offer his comments. He died six years ago. I do miss his honest opinion and his eagerness to read what I wrote.

Of course, there are those in the diaspora who also share their views and have been of encouragement to me over the many years. I shall endeavour, by the help of the almighty God, to continue to write.

I want to publicly thank those who in recent times have been writing religiously in the papers, especially to a teenager who wrote on the condition of some young people and gave her advice to the young people. To her I say continue to write and bring to the fore the social issues.

To those who from time to time oppose my views on topics such as gays and social issues, thanks for your views and sometimes discussion. To those who want me to write politically taking sides, it is something I don’t intend to do.

I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone, including you, Editor, and family, all the best for the New Year. Looking forward to your continued support.

I take this opportunity to encourage each and everyone to begin the New Year with Christ. For what this nation and others nations of the world needs is the prince of peace, the Lord Jesus Christ. For no one but Christ can truly bring peace to a warring world.

May God bless us all as we enter another year, 2013, in a matter of days. Once again, thanks and God bless this nation and our homes.

Kennard King