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December 14, 2012
Of this and that – a reflection on 2012

Fri, Dec 14, 2012

Editor: Christmas is not too far away, neither is the year too far to the end. Thus, it is important that as we reflect on our year, let us be thankful for the good that we have received and try to improve on the things we did not do well.{{more}} As we would realize by now, none of us are perfect; as a result we would make mistakes. However, we should learn from our mistakes and ensure that in the coming year we don’t repeat those mistakes.

Let us be thankful to God for the many blessings we have received. Let us not take for granted those who have played an important role in our success. Let us show them how much we appreciate their support and help.

As we reflect on the year, I am certain we can agree that we have failed to honour God as a people, but instead many of us have lived our lives apart from God. We have turned away from the principle of God’s Word and fail to honour His Words.

We no longer love each other as we used to. We no longer send our children to Sunday schools. We have given heed to satanic practices by the ungodly lives we live and the home is no longer a place of love, discipline and comfort.

So, as we seek to reflect on this year, let us by the grace of God return to righteousness. Let us build stronger family units by having secure relationships with Christ as the head. Let us be a people of honesty, love, handwork and appreciative of what is good, while we condemn the wrongs or evils in our society; let us do so without malice and with respect and truthfulness. Let us not let party politics divide us, but instead let us as a people come together and build this nation regardless of our political persuasion and also love each other.

Finally, let us increase our prayer life and devotion for God. There are so many things to pray for; so instead of pulling down, let us pray and encourage one another when needed.

Thank you and may we all seriously reflect on where we went wrong and improve on that which was good. God bless this nation.

Kennard King