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December 14, 2012
Beware of the Python Spirit

Fri, Dec 14, 2012

Editor: Please publish this article so that my Christian brothers and sisters will really understand that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities.{{more}}

My people, have you ever been approached by someone who wants to prophesy over your life, or the lives of your children?

Has that same person been able to reveal things to you and you wondered how they came by the information?

Did that person hold your hands and say a “special” prayer for you?

If you have answered yes to these questions, chances are, that you have already come into contact with one of the most dangerous evil spirits that is in operation today.

Yes, the Python Spirit has invaded this land, and its aim is to crush and destroy the visions, dreams and hope of believers in Christ Jesus.

If you allow it, the Python Spirit will eventually destroy God’s plan and calling for your life.

In reality, a python is a large snake that seeks out its victims, smothers them, before crushing them to death.

The Python Spirit will do just that to a believer. It will isolate you, smother you with affection and kill you spiritually.

Satan was depicted as a snake/serpent when he deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden. And just like his father Satan, the Python Spirit is deceitful and beguiling.

It is a false prophet and goes about teaching the doctrine of devils that the Bible warned us about in the book of Timothy.

This demon likes to hide and disguise itself and thrives well in a spiritual atmosphere and may even be hiding in preachers and ministers.

Believers in Christ, beware of people who flatter you, or people who tell you that God has given them a word for you.

Beware of people who have an urgent need to pray for you and your family.

The Python Spirit is also a spirit of divination, so be cautious of someone who seems to know your future and your destiny.

Watch out! The Python Spirit is on the loose; if you allow it, it will isolate you from your family and friends. Then it will wrap itself around you.

You will not be alarmed when this is happening, because you will be deceived into thinking that you are really being cared for and that you are in a friendly embrace.

But after you have been trapped in this deadly coil, the next step is total separation from God.

Yes, the Python Spirit will kill you spiritually and change the course of your eternal destiny.

If you allow the Python Spirit to control you, your eternal home will be in the Kingdom of Hell.

The Python Spirit works along with the Spirit of Seduction, the Jezebel Spirit, the Spirit of Witchcraft and the Beguiling Spirit.