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December 7, 2012

Let’s make a change in music we play

Fri, Dec 7, 2012

Editor: Music plays an important role in the development of the individual. It can have a negative or a positive influence on the mind, which can result in the behaviour and thinking of an individual.{{more}}

Much of what we called black music is very negative and leaves a lot to be desired. Sadly, but true, many of these songs are played on some radio stations, bars, functions, in the homes, in vehicles and otherwise. Many of these songs refer to another black person as ‘NIGGER’, which is degrading. Yet many gravitate to these songs. Some promote gun violence and sex. They even refer to ladies as ‘WHORES’. Yet these are the songs that are played and loved by our young people.

Indeed, no wonder there is so much disrespect amongst our young people and so little resistance to crime and violence. No wonder our people quickly resort to gun violence in dealing with issues. Many songs they listen to promote this type of behaviour.

What has happened to the good old reggae music that gives “conscious” vibes and indeed, none can build and educate the individual like good old gospel music. We need to expose our children to good quality music that can educate and build up an individual in a positive way.

We cannot legislate everything. Thus the disc jockeys (DJ’s) and radio announcers have a responsibility to promote positive music. The homes also need to share in the responsibility of educating their households about the value of good music and of course, the music vendors and vans too need to change their attitude toward music.

Oftentimes, in many vans, very smutty, violent and degrading songs are played. Unfortunately, these are the vans that many of our children love to travel with because, amongst other reasons, they can hear these negative songs. What is even worse, is that one cannot avoid hearing these songs because they have to travel in these vans and if they should politely request that the music be changed, they would be met with a negative response from either the conductor or the driver.

Let us start today by making a change in the songs which are played and promoted. We have too much looseness, crimes, pregnancies and HIV/AIDS. Let us save our nation; it is not too late. Thank you

Kennard King