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November 23, 2012

Sports in Vincy – the longest running clown show on earth?

Fri, Nov 23, 2012

Editor: With all that is transpiring worldwide, it is rather disheartening to see the prevalence of our very own circus right here in Vincy. To survive in the world of sports locally seems to have shifted to what’s “readily accepted” by the standards of Neanderthals who lack the competitive intellectual capacity to succeed in elevating sports to a higher level.{{more}}

Commonplace now is having a multitude of people who are chronologically challenged, determined to stay with their old and outdated remedies, which year in and year out continue to prove that their backward, old and extinct approach wasn’t, isn’t working and will never work. Failure to conform to their ways seems to inevitably place any coach/teacher automatically into isolation; hence the reason for one or two isolated events that question the integrity of their unit.

The level of bias displayed at sporting events by members in key positions, as well as officials, seems impulsive and extemporaneous.

Schools’ football

The level of incompetence displayed by some officials in this tournament is tantamount to a bunch of five year olds playing soccer on a beach somewhere.

1: FIFA’s Law 12 on fouls and misconduct sums up the point pretty much.

“Only a player, substitute or substituted player may be shown the red or yellow card.”

So, how is it that coaches/teachers were ejected from games and shown a “RED CARD”? Isolated incidents or simply lack of competence?

2: There’s an old saying, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” So, when you have set rules regarding the bench and who can be there etc, why is it that one particular school gets preference over another? And why is it that when I decide to call out this official on the matter, I’m silenced?

At the end of the day, these are all my opinions, based on what I see transpiring in front of me. It’s time we stop the bandwagon jumping and stand up for what we know and believe in. Remaining silent has become the norm nowadays, complacency replacing proactivity. I am not in it for the fame nor glory (unlike some of them), but rather to see sports soar to the highest levels. That can never be attained if those in key positions are not willing to embrace change, if they are not willing to put their stupid and childish egos aside and let sport reign supreme!

K. Young