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November 13, 2012
Be careful of what we allow our children to watch and listen to

Tue, Nov 13, 2012

Editor: Many of us read the disturbing news about the supposed DEMONIC attack on the school children and the teacher. This encounter has raised the question concerning the state of our blessed SVG spiritually. It brings the question to bear as whether or not we, as a people, have become deeply rooted in iniquity.{{more}} While I may not be able to accurately answer that question, there is, without doubt, a strong influence of demonic activities in this supposedly blessed land of ours and Christian nation.

While time and space do not allow for much discussion on that subject matter, it is important that we recognize the seriousness of many things we do that contribute to demonic activities in this blessed land of ours. In the homes, we allow much music that we call dub, rap and even black music, which are dedicated to Satan. So, when our children and adults listen and promote them on radio and in the vans, we are in fact allowing the satanic activities to invade the lives of individuals.

The tattoos are also a contributing factor to demonic activities, since these tattoos carry symbols that are satanic. Even some parents get involved in iniquity to help save their children from prison sentences when they are charged for a crime. Some parents, even at a young age, introduce their children to satanic practices such as setting a guard and also letting them wear rings or bracelets which they say are worn for protection.

We know that secretly, many parents are involved in iniquity and even occult worship and practices. Some people even threaten others about doing them harm, by the means of iniquity. Demonic possession and influence are real, whether we believe in it or not. More can be said, but it may not be wise to expand more. Suffice it to say that we are living in the last days and the Bible mentions that iniquity would abound and love of many would grow cold.

So, while we seek to expand and develop our lives, let us remember God sees and knows everything. I call upon us to stop the practices of iniquity and let God control our lives and homes. Let us be careful of what we allow our children to watch and listen to, for even some movies and cartoons are satanic. Let us turn to God for protection and help.

Kennard King