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November 9, 2012
Moral, spiritural downward path

Fri, Nov 9, 2012

Editor: Where are we heading as a nation? This may seem a weird question, but in reality it is a fair question. We cannot doubt we have progressed educationally and in many areas. We may in the next three to five years be a well educated nation. So, it is fair to say we are heading educationally and materialistically in a positive way. However, morally, socially and spiritually we are heading on a downward path.{{more}}

With the rate of pregnancies we would, in three to five years, face the possibility of an overpopulated nation. This will eventually lead to economic problems and other social ills and health problems. As a nation, we no longer up hold the old values of love, respect and care for each other; instead we have become a nation of selfish, disrespectful persons with hatred and jealousy. No wonder there are so many crimes.

As a people, we have placed more emphasis on material things, sex and getting rich, so that we have thrown away the good communications at home and the friendship and good example by parents and adults. Today, children are given so much freedom to do as they please. Sunday school is replaced with sports, parties and other social activities.

Church has become for some just a social gathering, rather than a place where God is worshipped and one hears about God.

Marriage has become just a contract, rather than a lifetime commitment. With so many broken homes, children are left with many voids that are filled by sex and teenage pregnancies, as well as gangs and gays. We no longer get married because of love; rather it is for the wrong reasons in many cases. So, where are we heading as a nation with so much loose living and so many unstable homes.

Where are we heading as a nation, when we have become religious rather than righteous in our living and practice? Where are we heading, when we have allowed politics to create enemies, and politicians rather than being an example, have become dishonest and unruly?

Indeed, we are heading down the path of destruction away from God. We need, as a nation, to get back to God and let Him be God. For if we continue on this path away from God, the wrath of God will surely fall on us as a nation and no politician can overrule what God has ordained. God rules in the affairs of mankind.

Kennard King