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November 6, 2012
Two Vincy matters of interest

Tue, Nov 6, 2012

Editor: As a very proud Vincentian living in the U.S.A., I must comment on two things after reading the publication of Friday, 11/02/2012.

Despite very dire and serious events the world over and in SVG, I must congratulate Ms Jovonne John on being named the First Runner-Up in the Miss Caribbean Tourism Pageant in St Kitts on 10/27/12. I especially applaud Ms John and those who assisted her in achieving this despite the difficulties stated.{{more}} I must comment, however, that although Ms John persevered, I would have loved for her to “hold their feet to the fire”, those who should have done so much more on her behalf as a representative of St Vincent & the Grenadines. Without being disrespectful, rude or insulting, the persons who seemingly did not fulfill their responsibilities should have been nagged, constantly followed up on with calls, visits and questions, if they were doing the simple basic things that should have been done. It’s great that you were able to do this yourself, but be more pro-active in insisting that those who have the responsibility to advocate and act on your behalf, do what they are supposed to. Congratulations again and all the best in the future.

Nice Radio

Nice Radio, I have listened to on the Internet and in SVG when on vacation, as well as to other local radio stations. I could have predicted that this would eventually happen where this radio station (and some others), due to the host of certain radio programs would be in serious financial trouble, because of the utterances of said host(s). Management/owners of Nice Radio can only blame themselves for not adequately monitoring and controlling the content of the programs on their station(s). We cherish freedom of speech the world over, but this comes with the responsibility of not being abusive, lying and malicious. Opinions are opinions, but truth, accuracy, research and then criticisms, suggestions and corrections are virtues to be cherished. Despite the seeming hypocrisy of a couple of your weekly column contributors (who should know better), I have no sympathy when “recklessness comes home to roost.”

Patrick Sutherland