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October 30, 2012
Why is Registry in such state?

Tue, Oct 30, 2012

Editor: The Registry department is in serious need of attention. Madam Registrar, you are the right person to see things done because I see you are getting things done all the time. So, why is the Registry in such a dilapidated state?{{more}}

I need you to look into it.

I have a love and a passion for the Registry department. My first working day was at the Registry on the 21st July 1975. Those were very good days.

That department where I work has become like a university to me; that’s why I will continue to write on the Registry until I get some good answers.

I am still making my contribution where I see it fit in the Registry. I am there from morning until evening, every day, doing research. During the years the Registry has had seven (7) female Registrars and three (3) male Registrars. I had a good working relationship with them all.

Again, I am asking the lawyers to make some input where their clerks work on a daily basis, because right now some of us have to stand to conduct our searches.

In the computer room, workers should remain silent; yet you can stay in the search room and hear loud voices coming from inside. I am asking them to lower their voices a bit. Same also goes to the legal clerks.

And again, I am begging them to please take care of the books and always put the books back in the right places.

Let me thank the Deputy Registrar for the vision she had by giving us an extra half hour to conduct our searches. She gets along very well with the search clerks.

Happy Independence to all!!!

Guy Chow